TJ Kelly, Digital Marketer.

TJ Kelly ⚡️ Digital Marketer

My name is TJ Kelly. I’m a digital marketer in Massachusetts. I think, write, speak & execute on all things digital marketing.

  • SEO​
  • ​Content Marketing​
  • ​Google Analytics
  • ​Keyword Research
  • SEO Audits Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads​
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Organic Social Media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • WordPress/Drupal
  • ​HTML/CSS/jQuery
  • ​PHP/MySQL
  • UX/Wireframes​
  • ​Photoshop


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Professional Profile

My name is TJ Kelly and I’m a digital marketer in Massachusetts. For years, I operated my own digital inbound marketing agency.

Since 2007, I’ve been growing businesses and empowering sales teams with targeted marketing solutions.

  • Strategic solutions that propel growth
  • Strong partnerships with customers, colleagues & vendors.
  • In-depth marketing and technical expertise.
  • Outstanding communication, leadership ability, customer service & business acumen

TJ Kelly, HubSpot Marketing Software Certified.

Phone Consultation


Startup Agency

In one year, I grew the website from zero to 18,980 unique visitors.

  • 1,451.53%
  • Up YOY, all of 2017/16
  • 1,686.18%
  • Up YOY, all of 2017/16
  • 770.17%
  • Up YOY, all of 2017/16
% New Sessions
  • 15.16%
  • Up YOY, all of 2017/16

Biotech Industry

A website redesign and content marketing project saw significant increases in traffic.

  • 29.52%
  • Up YOY, Q3 2017/16
  • 23.46%
  • Up YOY, Q3 2017/16
Avg. Duration
  • 24.07%
  • Up YOY, Q3 2017/16
Bounce Rate
  • -5.56%
  • Down YOY, Q3 2017/16


Content marketing project generated healthy increases in traffic.

  • 10.63%
  • Up YOY, Q3 2017/16
  • 11.99%
  • Up YOY, Q3 2017/16
  • 8.36%
  • Up YOY, Q3 2017/16
% New Sessions
  • -0.75%
  • Down YOY, Q3 2017/16


Like what you see? Grab the PDF → Download my résumé



Advisory & Consulting

I began consulting in 2012. I’ve advised clients in marketing, security, healthcare, app development, travel, financial services, construction management, and multiple small businesses.

I no longer take paying clients. Feel free to book me on Clarity for quick questions, but I cannot accept any contracts.


Commercial Executive — RaySecur

RaySecur’s breakthrough technology detects even the smallest threats with real-time, 3D video imaging. As a Commercial Executive with RaySecur, I connect security and scalability, helping clients and prospects realize their security potential.


Digital Marketing Strategist — 3 Media Web

I led the Digital Marketing team at an agency in Hudson, MA. The DM team and I kept our client’s pipelines full by using paid ads, SEO, blogging, and other digital marketing channels.


Technical Director — Fishnet Media

In April 2013, I became the Technical Director for Fishnet Media, a marketing and design agency in Portsmouth, NH. I was responsible for all development and technical/experience direction. I worked with a team of talented designers and guided projects along technical guidelines.


User Experience Director – McDougall Interactive

In October of 2011, I began work as Director of User Experience at McDougall Interactive, an internet marketing company in Danvers, MA. I oversaw day-to-day technical operations for 30+ client websites and web marketing efforts.

I managed a small overseas team and directed all experience, design, and programming/development strategy for all 30+ clients. I worked alongside several SEO, PPC, content strategy, and analytics “propellor-head” technical managers in a small, dynamic team.


Marketing UX Lead – StudentCity

Before Danvers, I worked from 2007-2011 as the lead designer and front-end developer for a StudentCity, a youth travel company in Peabody, MA. During my time at StudentCity, I was responsible for the company’s web presence and identity.

I oversaw all public-facing web projects and directed the brand identity on the web. I guided the company’s voice in social media and personally managed many of our various social profiles.


Web Designer/Developer — UMass Amherst

I got my start at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, where I worked as a junior developer for the dot-edu Advancement Communication office. I gained invaluable experience working with a talented team at UMass. I’ve been creating simple, beautiful websites for more than ten years and I focus on user experience and usability in all my websites and designs.

I graduated from UMass Amherst in 2007, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Information Technology and I’ve been working full-time in the web design and development industry ever since.


Like what you see? Grab the PDF → Download my résumé


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