TJ Kelly

Design Demo: UMass Alumni

This is a demo website I designed for the UMass Amherst Alumni Association. The site is completely hand-coded (no CMS) and is full of lorem ipsum.

Why I made it

After posting some¬†strong criticism of UMass’ alumni association, I was contacted by the association’s Associate Director for Alumni Communications & Technology, thanking me for notifying them of the display issue.

After a gracious exchange, he asked if I would review the association’s current website. The result was an 18-page PDF and this demo website.

Proof of concept

The goal of designing this demo site was to show the association how a modern design can apply to their website and help meet their needs. Their existing site is functional, but not very usable or enjoyable. Hopefully this demo site inspires them.

View live redesign demo Visit UMass Alumni site


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