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Knead Child Theme Not Working

[RESOLVED] So, it turns out I made a very simple mistake, but I think it’s one that lots of people might make. When creating your child theme, make sure that the Template: line points to the parent theme’s DIRECTORY NAME, not theme name. In this example, I listed it as “Knead” but the directory was all lowercase: “knead.” It’s a tiny change, but it makes a big difference.

I tried to create a child theme to extend Knead by Obox Design, but WordPress keeps telling me that the Knead parent theme is missing. It’s not missing. The parent theme is installed, functioning, and running happily. Yet WP disagrees.

I was careful about the Theme Name in parent theme and Template in child theme style.css files. They’re identical. Is there some setting in a parent theme that makes it child theme compatible (or incompatible)?

“Knead Child Theme Not Working” support thread

Here’s what I posted in Obox’s support forum:

Hi, I’m using Knead, version 1.3.5. I’m trying to install a child theme, but the Knead Child Theme is not working. WordPress gives me the error, “The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Knead” parent theme.”

Knead is installed. It’s working. I’ve deleted the child theme directory three times and added a new one (with a different name) each time. Same error.

I duplicated the Knead template directory, renamed it, and modified the style.css to be a child theme style.css. Same error.

Is there something in Knead’s files that prevents it from being a parent theme? Is there something else I have to do so my Knead Child Theme will work?

WP version: 3.5
Knead version: 1.3.5
URL is unreachable for now, I’m working with a modified hosts file
Screenshot: … enshot.png

Got any ideas?

If you have encountered this problem before, please let me know! Even if your issue is unresolved, maybe we can put our heads together and find an answer. Please contact me if you can help!

That’s an exact copy of my forum post on Obox Design’s support forum. The forum is only open to premium users, so the odds of random googlers finding it are slim. I’m re-posting my own thread in hopes that others will find it and have some advice.

Here’s my parent/child theme code

Theme Name: Knead
Design Studio: Obox Design
Version: 1.3.5
Author: Obox Design
Author URI:

Theme Name: Child Knead
Template: Knead

Knead Child Theme directory. The two theme folders are in the same directory. The Theme Name/Template names are identical. I copied & pasted and even tried messing with line endings and character encodings to ensure they’re the same.

I could be doing something wrong, but this has worked for every other child theme I’ve ever made. Not sure why this one is different.

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