TJ Kelly

New Website

Finally! After eight long years, I finally have a full website running at The previous owner let the domain expire and in June, I became the rightful owner of my namesake domain. I took my time designing & developing this site and I plan to maximize its potential. Below is a description of what I plan to use this website for.

Website Critiques

After seeing the redesigns of several major websites, I began compiling notes & suggestions on those sites. Given the chance, I would love to exchange ideas with the designers responsible. Since I can’t, I decided to provide my ideas here. I look forward to critiquing big sites & small ones from all corners of the web.

Web Design Portfolio

In my professional life, my primary focus is & always has been on design/front-end development. I work for a travel company, defending web standards and usability. I do lots and lots of independent design work and I love every minute of it. I plan to showcase my best work on this site, building and advertising my web design portfolio.

Web Strategy Blog

The term “web strategy” is a funny one but the concept is very interesting, at least to me. I look forward to studying & analyzing the approach people take to crafting a web presence. The strategy of maintaining all the pieces of a successful web identity has changed dramatically over just the last few years. I’m eager to learn and publish more about it.

Search Engine/Social Media Optimization

At the risk of sounding cliché, I plan to analyze & study how websites manage their placement in search engine results and represent their brand in the social web.

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