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Next Chapter: Self-Employment

Today is a great day. I am officially self-employed. I’m working from home, which is both awesome and horrible, and I can’t wait to dive in and get started. It’s awesome and horrible and it’s finally here.

It’s awesome.

I get to wake up at a reasonable hour (closer to 8 than 6―much better). I get to enjoy the comfort of my home office instead of a stuffy corporate one. I get to be myself and feel relaxed while doing a job I love to do.

Jokes about hygiene and socialization aside, I’m really looking forward to a casual setting to be comfortable and do what I love to do.

It’s horrible.

Then there’s the fear: Will I make ends meet? How will I find clients? Will I go stir crazy working from home? Is this really a responsible decision? The career move brings plenty of questions with it. I’m somewhat of a nervous nelly anyway, so this move is a scary one.

I wonder if I’m in denial about the daunting task before me. Maybe I’m fooling myself into thinking it’s easy, when really it’s incredibly difficult. I have a wife to support and mortgage to pay. I’m nervous about making this work.

No, it’s awesome. And it’s finally here.

I’ve wanted this for a long time. I’ve been talking about untethering myself from an office and portable productivity since college and I’ve been writing about self-employment since 2009.

So? Here we go. Just me vs. the world. Now who needs a website?

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