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Next Next Chapter: Fatherhood

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long, long time. I can’t wait to be a father. I started telling friends even back in high school that I wanted to have a family. I’m so, so excited about this.

So close and yet so far away

I’m with my wife Meggin for hours and hours every day. We spend almost every hour together. But there is absolutely nothing I can do―really do―during this process. My job right now is to be supportive and accommodating as she lets her body do the work.

So far, I’ve learned that “I’m hungry” is a life-or-death situation (Babby’s life and my death). We carry an arsenal of snack food at all times. The cravings haven’t hit very hard yet, though Skittles and Pop Tarts don’t stand a chance in Meg’s path.

All in all, I’m almost a spectator for this show. I know it will stay that way for a while and then change dramatically. But that’s where I’m at so far.

March 7th, 2013

That’s our expected due date. You never know how these things go, of course. But that’s what they’re telling us so far. We’ve seen the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. And WOW were those exciting! Totally surreal and just indescribable.

We don’t plan to find out if Babby is a boy or a girl. There aren’t enough true surprises in life, so that will be one we’ll enjoy. And we probably won’t share any of our would-be names. You’ll all just have to wait and see!

Babby's John Deere booties, from Aunt Erin.

John Deere booties, from Aunt Erin.

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