TJ Kelly

On Bad Designers (aka Managers)

Sales people, operations staff, project managers, supervisors, and CEO’s could all stand to learn one simple lesson: YOU ARE NOT A DESIGNER! I’m pretty sure they didn’t offer information architecture classes or graphic art seminars in your MBA program. And I’m 100% certain they didn’t analyze web usability case studies in your undergrad School of "Management" coursework.

Instead, what they did teach you, was to identify your team’s skill set, encourage them to use it, and to—at all costavoid micromanaging. Please. Please, sales/management/business people. Take the advice of your designers. We have the title "designer" for a reason. You do not share that title. You have your skill set and we have ours. We don’t tell you how to balance your spreadsheets or track your sales. Please stop thinking that you know better
than we do when it comes to your website or print material.

You don’t.

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