TJ Kelly

On Hacks (and Internet Explorer)

Anyone who has done design or development work knows the frustration that comes with testing in Internet Explorer 6. It got a little better with the release of IE7, but all is not yet right with the world. Well, thanks to some excellent work by Brittish developer Dean Edwards, there are some great simple fixes for the IE6/IE7 headaches. Edwards has drawn up some javascript hacks that force IE6 & 7 to behave like a standards-compliant browser.

The IE fixes are part of a Google Code project and can be found at Edwards work going to save other designers (like me!) and developers a lot of time and high blood pressure. His code has been featured on several popular sites, including the tutorial website NetTuts. He’s even prompted a response from Microsoft, asking developers not to use Edwards’ hacks, saying it’s causing sites break in IE7 builds. Web standards demigod Eric Meyer commented on the matter, stating that he is “not going to make a move until an IE7 beta with new CSS behavior is released.” Edwards later spoke up in response to Meyer’s comments. He even pointed out that Microsoft themselves have been using Edwards hacks!

Figure it out, Microsoft…

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