TJ Kelly

On ProBlogging

A Canadian court has recognized a blogger as an occupation in a case involving an arrest for obstructing a police officer. The court noted that the blogger was “simply plying his trade, photographing a demonstration for inclusion in his blog when he was arrested.”

Blogging is an occupation? Who’s hiring? What are the requirements? I can see the parallels to an independent journalist or photographer, but in those cases, someone will purchase your work and publish it in their medium. Where’s your product to sell? You’re just going to publish it yourself. Does ad revenue alone make enough for you to call this your occupation?

More surprising to me is the fact that a blogging has embedded itself so deeply in society that it’s become a legitimate claim to call yourself a professional blogger. It was only about three years ago when blogs were considered pointless esoteric rants by many people. My how the tables have turned…

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