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Preview of CSS Article for Smashing Magazine

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned by the fine folks at Smashing Magazine to write a 2-part article for them regarding CSS techniques. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity. I’ve compiled all the research and responses, sorted through them, and have drafted a list of broad topics for the article and sub-sections of each.

As it stands today, my article will contain details, examples, and resources of the following:

Part 1

  • Browser inconsistencies & Resets
  • Box Model
  • Dimensions
  • Hover Effects
  • Float/Clear

Part 2

  • Position
  • IE Bugs, Hacks & Workarounds
  • Targeting IE
  • Advanced Techniques

There’s also the possibility of including sections for related HTML markup techniques, handy tools & plugins, and a catch-all miscellaneous section. I’m extremely excited about this article, and I hope you’ll forgive my shameless self-promotion in the meantime.

If I’ve missed any CSS topics, please let me know in the comments!

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