TJ Kelly

How to Quit Apps in iOS 7

Can’t figure out how to quit apps in iOS 7? I couldn’t either. It’s actually very easy. Here’s how to close iOS 7 apps.

1. Double tap the home button

Exactly like you did in iOS 6. This will bring up a new version of an old standard, the open apps list, sorted by latest use.

2. Swipe up

Voila, the app disappears and closes completely. The process of closing apps in iOS 7 is actually easier than it was in iOS 6; it’s just hard to find out how!

When were they going to tell us?

I know iOS 7 is only in beta right now, but if Apple changed functionality, you’d think they’d explain the changes somehow. So far, I’ve seen no such documentation. I’ve only seen designs and image galleries.

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