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Salient Child Theme dynamic-combined.css Path

Googling didn’t help.

I couldn’t figure out why my Salient Child Theme dynamic-combined.css path was returning a 404 and my custom styles weren’t showing up.

You too?


Salient Child Theme Dynamic CSS.

Create file /salient-child-theme/css/dynamic-combined.css

The solution is stupidly easy. Create new file:

That’s it.


Salient looks for a child theme file

Salient is smart enough to look for the dynamic-combined.css file in your child theme. But if it’s not there, it won’t automatically create it for you.

I think it should, but I didn’t make $2,300,000+ on ThemeForest, so what do I know?


Create the blank dynamic-combined.css file so your Salient Child Theme options can be written to it. As long as the file is writable by the server, you’re all set.



Anyone else have this problem? If you had success with this method, let me know in the comments below!


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