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SNOMG – New England Blizzard

New England joined like every other state in the “WHERE THE EFF IS ALL THIS SNOW COMING FROM?!” party. We got nailed for the second time this winter. I spent all day yesterday with The Boss™, shoveling and fantasizing about plows and snow blowers. My beautiful artwork is inspired by Hyperbole and a Half.

How my driveway usually looks

Note my car parked outside, nice yellow siding, and shiny green grass. Nice, right?

Sketch: My driveway before SNOMG.

What I saw at 8:30am yesterday

I’m actually being generous with the amount of yellow visible in this sketch. It was more white than this.

Sketch: My driveway, buried in SNOMG.

After 2 hours of shoveling

Our friendly neighbor even stopped by with his front-end loader to help dig out the plow bank. Look at all our progress!

Sketch: SnoMG 3.

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