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TJ Kelly Web Strategy on Facebook

I finally have my own Facebook page: TJ Kelly Web Strategy on Facebook. I’ve been preaching for years about how important they are, but I never ate my own dog food―until now.

I made the business page for two reasons:

  1. Marketing and promoting my business
  2. Demonstrating and experimenting with social media for business

Promoting my business

I don’t exactly have an advertising budget. Not yet, anyway. Facebook and other social outlets are a great way for me to reach a new audience and generate new and return business. My goal with the page is to gain interaction with friends and fans and establish myself as a personable, reliable authority in my field.

I tend to walk a line between pleasing people and targeting search engines/computer algorithms. There are benefits to both, and the computers only try to emulate the people anyway. But ultimately, things like blog posts and Facebook pages have to serve two purposes. People have to be priority #1, of course.

Social media for small business

Every web and tech industry blogger has written about social media and its impact on business. What I know is that the happier you can make people, the more they will reward you with their loyalty. Building large, happy audience is hard but critical.

I learned during my time at StudentCity how simple acts of friendliness can make a huge difference on the web. When I created their Facebook page in 2009, it grew in popularity a little faster than continental drift. When my team and I got serious about building that audience, though, we figured out a winning formula:

Frequent, friendly, relevant, and funny social posts build an audience fastest.

So that’s my challenge. I aim to share web-related posts on my page to build an audience not just of fans, but of friends. So here it is one more time: will you like my page?

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