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UMass iPhone App Released

Last month, I wrote a 30-page review of UMass Amherst’s new iPhone app. The app is now available in the App Store and is being publicized and promoted by the university.

I’m thrilled to have been involved in their design & review process and I’m happy to do my part to help them promote the app.

I don’t know how many other colleges have similar apps, but I think the idea is brilliant and I’m proud that my alma mater is embracing technology this way.

Article on

UMass’ student newspaper, The Daily Collegian, posted an article yesterday on the UMass Guide app and its contributors.

Designed and developed by Daniel Stewart, a computer science student, the application is an interactive map that can help all people, both new and returning to UMass, find their way across the campus. The guide was also produced with consulting from alumnus T.J. Kelly, who is a web developer for StudentCity.

Read the full Daily Collegian article here.

Featured news on

The new app is one of eight featured stories rotating through the main feature section on UMass’s website. An excerpt from the story:

“…a free new campus map available for the iPhone has been launched by UMass Amherst. The app, UMass Guide, is downloadable through iTunes…Special search options were designed as a portable tour for prospective and current students.”

Read the full article here.

Write-up in Faculty & Staff news website

An announcement about the app is currently the main feature story on “In the Loop,” a news source of UMass faculty and staff.

“The UMass Guide app, was designed and programmed by computer science student Daniel Stewart, ’12, with editorial assistance from sports management major Stephanie Cheung ’12 and consulting from alumnus T.J. Kelly ’07, who is Web developer for StudentCity.”

Read the full In the Loop article here.

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