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Hiring an Agency to Build Your Website — Weighing The Pros & Cons

If you own a business, a website is a bare-minimum requirement to advertise your products and services.

But who should build it?

You can quickly build your website if you have the knowledge and time, but most companies don’t.

Hiring an agency can simplify the complicated website design process.

If you have hesitations about getting professional help regarding your online presence, here is a list of the pros and cons of hiring an agency.

This list will you can gauge whether getting professional assistance is worth your time, effort, and budget.


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PRO — Why you should hire an agency to build your website


1. They have resources.

One of the reasons you consider hiring an agency is to ensure that your website is ahead of your competitors’ websites.

To do this, an agency utilizes up-to-date resources, such as paid software and SEO plugins, and they’ve equipped themselves with various training programs to create personalized website elements based on your business preferences.

When you hire an agency, you’re not only working with a single person to complete the job, but you can expect to work with a team of web designers to provide specialized functionality for the needs of your company.

Through their resources, they can easily pinpoint what your business needs to ensure that the website being developed can address its goals.

One of the advantages of having a team of experts is that the risk of delays can be avoided because they can cover all the services needed for the website building through the help of the resources that they already have.

2. They have the time

Building a website doesn’t happen overnight.

It requires time and patience to get the desired results.

Creating a website for your business is a tedious process that would take up so much of your time.

That’s why hiring professionals who can take all the complicated tasks and help you focus on other revenue-generating aspects of your business.

A reputable agency will ensure that they’ll accomplish the project to meet your deadlines but give a reasonable timeframe as well.

Remember, a rushed project may lead to lower quality results.

You don’t want to enlist an agency that won’t address the issues that you want to solve.

Be aware of hiring an agency that promises to deliver results in a quick turnaround time because there’s a possibility that the quality of the website is compromised just to meet the deadline.

3. They (usually) bring extensive knowledge

One of the advantages of getting professional help in building your website is that they offer services in different niches.

Most of the services that an agency may offer include search engine optimization (SEO) management, inbound marketing and automation, pay-per-click campaign management, sales presentation development, competition monitoring, and blog customization.

Compared to hiring freelancers that tend to have niche-specific services, agencies are more diverse when it comes to the services that they can deliver.

If there’s a specific functionality that you require, there’s no need to find other professionals to help.

Different problems may arise along the process of website development, but if the agency has extensive knowledge, they can easily do troubleshooting.

Since they are the experts, they are the ones responsible for educating you about how to navigate the website.

As an owner, even though you’ve hired an agency to do the work for you, it’s still important to learn the process of how your business can grow through the help of the website being built.

You can learn from the different materials online, such as Slickplan’s informative article, which serves as a guide on website building.

4. They (should) follow a process

Website building can be a complicated project that requires careful planning.

A reputable agency follows a step-by-step process for better website performance to ensure that no important aspect is overlooked.

It encompasses the timelines of the project from the planning up to the launching of the website.

The first process is the marketing strategy where the agency conducts research to build the foundation for the overall development as well as the design to be used for the website.

During the building process, the content and different functionalities of the website are incorporated.

The testing phase is where the website is assessed if it launches through different devices.

The agency ensures to take note of even the slightest issues that may affect the overall operation of the website to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the launching.

5. They (must) deliver high-quality work

It’s expected that you’ll get high-quality work when you ask for assistance from the experts.

In order for the agency to protect their reputation, they’ll hire skilled workers that aren’t only knowledgeable but also has the initiative to ensure that everything that they do is geared towards the success of the website of their clients.

One of the missions of the agency is to ensure that the website that they’re building gets optimal performance.

You’re paying for the quality of their work, which you won’t get from a non-professional website builder.

A reputable agency is not only after their commissions, but they are more focused on making sure that the clients are satisfied with their workmanship.


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CON — Why you should NOT hire an agency to build your website


There may be a lot of advantages when getting help from an agency to help you build your website, but there are still disadvantages that you should know.

This way, you can gauge if it’s worth your time, effort, and budget.

1. Your brand relies on someone else’s work

When you hire an agency, it’s expected that they’ll be the ones who will do all the work for you, especially when you don’t have knowledge about website building.

The result of their work will be a reflection of your reputation.

If they do an excellent job, you can expect positive feedback from your prospective clients.

That’s why partnering up with the right agency is vital to the success of your business.

2. It can be expensive

Outsourcing your website to professionals isn’t cheap.

You’re paying for the skills that they have in order to build your website.

Different agencies have varying prices.

An agency that charges affordable services doesn’t mean that its work quality is substandard compared to an agency that charges higher.

Price isn’t the only basis to determine whether a company is reputable.

That’s why it’s crucial to conduct a background check to determine if an agency’s services are worth it for the cost that you’re going to pay.

You may also consult an expert about the most efficient way for you to helping your business thrive by advertising your products and services.


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The Verdict — Yes, you should.

Hiring an agency to build your domain would depend on your goal, budget, and time.

If you don’t have an idea about website building and the reason you want to create one is to drive sales and easily reach out to your target market, asking for professional help is a great option.

The pros and cons of having a website builder are worth considering before hiring one.

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