TJ Kelly

28 Blogs Later Recap & New Project

I’m like to think I’m a good writer but it’s never been my primary gig. I did an experiment in February to see if I could write my way out of a slump. Here’s what I learned.

I learned that I’m an average blogger. I learned that writing every day is hard. I learned that writing well every day is damn hard. And I learned that I still love blogging.

I also learned that blogging, or really the act of forcing myself to brainstorm, is still a great tool for ideas and projects. It’s like a digital “it came to me in the shower.” On that note:

My newest project

Introducing WordPress coaching and training—I’m calling it WordPress Coach. I’ll offer a suite of products and services to train inexperienced WordPress users and help them become experts.

The idea is simple: I already provide lots of WordPress training for my clients. It’s baked into most of my WP projects. So why not open that service to everyone?

I’m staring small but hope to expand quickly. Send me your WordPress clients!

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