TJ Kelly

Scratch: A Blank Slate WordPress Theme

“Scratch” is a WordPress theme for web developers. It has no default style. It’s meant to be a foundation—to start from scratch. It has no images, colors, or layout. The HTML elements have semantic class & ID names, where applicable. All PHP templates there, organized in a clean, simple way.

CSS Not Included

This theme has no CSS. The default style.css is a blank slate for any web developer to work with. It contains the theme name & info, along with a recommended set of “reset” rules for reference.

Valid, Semantic HTML

WordPress’ “Default” theme uses poorly-written HTML. Scratch uses semantic classes & IDs. It minimizes markup & is W3C Standards-compliant. Scratch also follows a consistent naming convention & reduces unnecessary calls to PHP functions.

Bonus Features

  • Custom comment-template functions—won’t be overwritten by WP core updates
  • Recommended CSS-reset style rules, based on work by Eric Meyer