TJ Kelly

“Responsive, Skilled, Confident & Personable”

I have learned the hard way that many people in TJ’s field lack a solid work ethic or even skills. Apparently they are so in demand they can over-promise and under-deliver. TJ is the opposite. Exactly what one would hope for: responsive, skilled, confident and personable. He basically rescued my site from the bollocks another guy left it in. As a freelancer, your site is your lifeline to the world. Your revenue.

I was thrilled that he not only got things fixed, but went above and beyond to recommend simple enhancements and to walk me through installation, help me over speed bumps. Really delightful to work with.

I highly recommend TJ!

Testimonial author: Jacqueline Church of Kitchen Confidence.

Jacqueline Church, Founder at Kitchen Confidence

December 28, 2012