TJ Kelly

Tools & Utilities

I’ve built a number of helpful tools and utilities for general use. These simple applications are designed to help users accomplish tasks that may not be easy or obvious to everyone. They’re free for anyone to use. If you like any of these tools, please let me know and link back to them on your blog so others can find them too!

Download Brightcove video.

Brightcove Download Tutorial

Though they seem to make it as hard as possible, downloading a Brightcove video is actually very easy if you have the right tools. In this blog post, I explain the materials needed and walk through each step of the process.

Quickmeme logo.

Quickmeme Downloader

The Quickmeme Downloader allows users to instantly download and save any Quickmeme image. Users simply type or paste their Quickmeme-generated URL and the tool automatically extracts and downloads the image.

Quickmeme logo.

How to Remove WordPress Jetpack CSS

Copy-and-paste example PHP code which will remove WordPress Jetpack CSS from your WordPress blog. Paste the below code into your theme’s function file.

Facebook Debugger OG Data conflict.

How to fix “More Than One OG URL Specified” Error

Got the “More Than One OG URL Specified” error in Facebook Debugger? Jetpack is conflicting with WordPress SEO plugin. Here’s how to fix it.