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The dress is black & blue, but here’s why you can’t tell

Dress blue black white gold debate #blackandblue #whiteandgold.


It’s fucking blue.

I was on team #whiteandgold. I called my wife names for seeing black and blue. I saw a white and gold dress, being worn under an awning of some sort—in a dark shadow with a bright sunny day outside. My brain told me this was white but appeared blue due the shadows. It’s like one of those Brain Games shows.

I pulled the photo into Photoshop and started color-checking. Sure enough, gold and blue.

Dress blue black white gold: Photoshop.


But gold and blue isn’t an option. Is it black and blue or gold and white? Turns out the photo just needed to have its colors normalized. But like William in Mallrats, I just couldn’t see it and I was freaking out. My wife and I were now accusing each other of terrible deeds.

I can’t explain how I tricked my brain into seeing the black and blue version, as many have asked me since. Knowing the dress was blue in reality made it that much more infuriating until the lightbulb went off. I don’t know, I can’t tell you how I saw it. But at least now we know why.


White and gold isolated

The Dress, white & gold isolated #whiteandgold.

Thank god the FCC defended net neutrality tonight or we’d never get to debate #TheDress.

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