Gmail Send As GoDaddy Email Forwarding

Using Gmail’s send mail as function with a GoDaddy email forwarder address is easier than you think. It seems like GMail doesn’t want us to do this, because they don’t offer any instructions on how to set it up.

In fact, a lot of the material I read while researching this topic says that Google recently changed their “treat as alias” settings to require additional authentication. That’s a perfectly fine idea, but I wish they were clearer about how to integrate it with other services like, oh ya know, one of the largest hosting companies on the planet.

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Anyway, here’s the Gmail send as GoDaddy email forwarding magic spell.

1. Create an application-specific password (“App password”)

We’ll need this later, so it’s best to get it out of the way early. Here’s Google’s documentation about App passwords. The process is pretty simple, but it does require enabling 2-step verification. No help on that one. Just do it. Once 2-step is turned on, come back here and we can start back on the App Password thing.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (11): My account.

1A. Go to your Google Account

Click on your face.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (12): Sign-in & security.

1B. Go to Sign-in & security

Click on the thing that doesn’t really look like a link.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (13): Security settings.

1C. Go to App Passwords

Click on the other thing that doesn’t really look like a link.

Note: if you don’t see App Passwords as an option, you probably haven’t turned on 2-step verification yet. You must do that first.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (6): App Passwords.

1D. Your App Passwords

This is a list of all the application-specific passwords you’ve ever created. Scroll to the bottom.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (6): Select App.

1E. Add new App Password

These passwords are intended to be used only once. Google makes you choose when/where it will be used. Expand the Select app option.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (8): Select App - Other.

1F. Select “Other (Custom name)”

You could probably choose Mail here, but to be extra clear, we’re going to provide our own name. Choose Other.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (9): Generate password.

1G. Provide a name & hit Generate button

Type in some descriptive name, so you’ll recognize what this password is for the next time you visit the App Passwords list. Then hit the magic button.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (10): Generated App password.

1H. Voilà

Copy the password in the yellow and SAVE IT. You’ll need it in the next step.

2. Add a “Send mail as” address

Find the Send Mail As option in Settings > Accounts and Import. Click to add a new address you own:

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (3): Add account you own.

The first step is easy and it hasn’t changed much since Google first rolled out this feature in….Bueller? I have no idea when. You can tell that by the 2007-era interface.

Fill in the name and send-as email, leave “Treat as an alias” checked, and click the Next Step button.

End of step.

3. Configure SMTP server

You don’t have to know what an SMTP server is. You just have to put this info in:

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (5): SMTP Server settings.

So, for example:

  • SMTP Server: (no options here; type that in verbatim)
  • Username: (this is your main GMail address, not  your send-as address)
  • Password: •••••••••••••••• (Paste in the App Password that we created in Step 1)

Note: if you get a DNS error, you probably forgot to change the SMTP Server field from to If you get an authentication error, there’s something wrong with your App Password. Try that step again.

4. Party

Once you see this “confirm verification” message, you’re home free. The verification code was sent to your GoDaddy email forwarder. As long as that forwarder is set up properly, you can go grab that verification code and enter it here. Hit the Verify button and you’re done.

Gmail GoDaddy email forward (15): Verification code.

Credit where credit is due

I found the working answer thanks to this post by Ellis Benus. Without it, I’d still be scratching my head. Ellis linked to his tutorial on a Super User thread. If you’re interested, the thread provides a bit of background info, but it’s not necessary.

I originally tried the Brand Revive method, but hit a brick wall since their method does not appear to work for GoDaddy’s forwarded emails, only the “Professional Email” webmail inbox product, which is $4/mo. Who pays for email these days, especially if you’re using GMail to send and receive it?