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Google's Interface Changes

I have a hard time believing that Google wanted their homepage to look like this:

A screenshot of Google's homepage, showing their recent changes.

I’m not really a fan of Google’s latest design changes. Increasing the size of the text-input seems fine, but the new buttons are atrocious. The biggest difference is the font-size on the buttons. But, with Firefox 3.5 on Mac OS X, the default crystal-themed buttons can only get so big. After the font stretches past their limits, they revert back to boxes with gradients.

Don’t get me wrong, Firefox’s buttons aren’t ugly. They’re actually quite nice. They’re just not Google. And I’m surprised that Google would let that happen.

One thought on “Google's Interface Changes

  1. Vim

    There isn’t much of a difference with regards to the design, in fact you cant even notice the difference, i think the large font would be beneficial for the elderly users?


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