iOS Safari Reader View Open in New Tab

Reading a recent article on one of my favorite SEO blogs,, when I started using Reader View—one of my all-time favorite features. Moz linked to a tool wanted to check out, so I tapped and held the link, exposing the context menu. But the Reader View Open in New Tab option was missing.

Am I alone in this? Why doesn’t that option exist in iOS Safari reader view? I can’t believe that, or at least understand why, Apple would remove this function. Is it meant to streamline the Reader View browsing experience? I can’t get my head around this one. I use Open in New Tab all the time and I can only imagine millions of other users do too. Why would Apple remove it from Safari in iOS 8?

My Google-fu must be weak today because I can’t find any documentation, fanboy blogs, or even support threads on this issue. Am I the only one losing time googling iOS and iOS 8 Safari Reader View Open in New Tab?

Bonus side note: What the hell, Moz? Your site isn’t responsive? What’s that about?