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Link Building for Local Business: The Cup of Coffee Method

Link Building Local Business: the Cup of Coffee Method.The Cup of Coffee Method is simple, and incredibly effective for Local Business Link Building:

  1. Reach out to other local businesses in your area
  2. Ask if you can buy them a cup of coffee
  3. Spend 30 minutes listening to their story
  4. Record the conversation (video preferred but audio works too)
  5. Promote the other business on your blog. Tell their story.
  6. Politely ask if they’ll link back to your blog post from their site.
  7. Rake in the local links.

Sure, these other sites might not have DA ratings in the 70s, but that’s ok. Your competitors probably aren’t deploying this strategy, and Google will take notice of an influx of new, unique, local links back to your domain.

Plus, it has the added benefit of helping you build rapport with other businesses in the area.

I smell a partnership!


Link Building for Local Business: The Cup of Coffee Method

Have you deployed a strategy like this in your local business link building efforts? We want to hear about it!

We’re collecting examples of this link building strategy for local business, and we’d love to showcase you.

For starters, here are a few examples and resources for further reading.

Link building examples & resources for Local Businesses

Send us your examples!

We want to hear about how YOU do your link building, and if you’ve ever tried the Cup of Coffee Method.


Cup of Coffee Method: credit where it’s due

The name comes from a Facebook Live video chat between two real estate marketing heavyweights, and a question posed by yours truly.

Credit and thanks to Neil Mathweg and Tyler Zey for use of this video clip:

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