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Copywriters: How to Benchmark Your SEO Efforts

Copywriting is an excellent and in-demand career. But it can be difficult to find new clients.

Freelance job sites are great, but it’s worth promoting your services using digital marketing strategies.

There are always a few general tips like understand your audience, use creativity, skill, and research, remember the customer journey, use simple language, etc.

But here are five crucial skills every good copywriter should possess to contribute to successful content marketing.

Make your marketing copy more compelling. Make copywriting a part of your digital marketing strategy — an ideal outcome of your marketing strategy.

Here’s how.


1. Offer Specific Services

Every business or brand needs to serve a specific, clearly defined niche. That’s because universal appeal is rare.

It’s also unlikely that a single service or product can help all people all ways, always.

People want specialized solutions to whatever problems they have.

Copywriters, too, will find it far easier to sell themselves and charge more for their services if they have a specialized and clearly defined offer.

Specializing in a specific niche and becoming known as the go-to copywriter in that segment can give you more credibility and authority.

It also provides you with the chance to keep getting better with time, especially using storytelling in your marketing copy.

Here are some tips when coming up with your copywriting niche:

Start With Your Background

Do you have any background in health, tech, legal, or finance? Are you a graduate of a business course

Whether you’re already a copywriter and now looking to upgrade your skills or someone who’s transitioning from a different career path, reflecting on your interests, skills, and past experiences is the key to identifying your niche.

Niche Diamond Method

What you need is to map the two niches that you’re most interested in writing onto your diamond’s opposing points. For example, say you’re into parenting and technology.

Then, map out two sub-niches on the two other tips. For parenting and technology, the sub-niches would be educational tech toys and parenting software.

A niche diamond will help copywriters identify the types of products, businesses, and brands they may want to write for when offering their services.

Anything that falls under technology or parenting, or the combination of the two niches, would be a perfect place to start in this example.

Market Research

Do some research so you can dig in once you have mapped out your niche diamond.

  • Who are the top players?
  • What products/services are being sold in that niche?
  • How big is the market?

You might want to consider high-focus targeted research when diving deep into your chosen niche.

To fine-tune your skills and position yourself as a specialist, you can click for info about conducting high-focus copywriting through targeted research.

When you’re done with all the research, shortlist products and brands you could possibly write for once you’re ready to take on projects.


2. Launch a Website & Create Content

It’s a good idea to create your business website. You can write out a sample email autoresponder series or sales pages to show your skills.

Creating awesome keyword-optimized and well-researched blog posts is also an excellent idea.

Come up with stuff that specifies the services you’re offering or covers your niche.

Don’t forget to implement content marketing through your blog, too.

Your website can be a resource hub for your fellow copywriters and employers looking for copywriters.

For instance, you can create content with relevant copywriting topics such as:

  • 8 Tips When Looking For A Copywriter
  • How To Become An Expert Copywriter
  • 10 Copywriting Tips For Beginners
  • 5 Ways To Gain New Clients For Your Copywriting Business

Do keyword research, proper keyword placement, link building, and follow content management strategies to produce high-quality content pieces — all core principles of benchmarking SEO success.

A business website that shows off your chops and attracts high-quality traffic will help establish your authority.


3. Guest Posting

Follow all of the potential clients in your shortlist of products and brands on social media.

Check out their profiles and see what content they share. Take note of the featured posts or guests posts that they mention.

Then catch their attention by submitting guest posts on those sites.

Your guest posts should effectively display your understanding of persuasion, sales, conversion, and other elements of an excellent copy.

That should get potential clients interested in what you have to offer.



4. Connect via Social Media

Business owners are also active in social media. They use these platforms to hire copywriters.

That’s why social media can be an excellent tool for discovering new clients.

However, you can do more and better than by just announcing you’re offering copywriting services.

Here’s what you can do to build connections more effectively:

  • Try to get on the radar of different brands by following them and responding to them.
  • Follow hiring keywords and be ready to jump on them when you get the opportunity.
  • Check if the brand you’re following is connected to one of your past clients who might be willing to refer you.
  • Add blog posts and upcoming events on your social media pages.
  • Use the appropriate keywords and hashtags on your social media posts to increase your business’ visibility.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs, influencers, affiliate marketers, and advertisers are also active in social media, and use it to hire copywriters.

Your social media presence will attract more clients, especially if you have a LinkedIn profile.

Check the following tips to build your social media presence:

  • Social Media Profile And Website Integration

    Provide links on your website (web page links) to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles.

  • Share Your Content

    Strengthen your social media audience base by sharing the listing for your content and copywriting services to your family and friends. Encourage them also to share your content to grow your audience.

  • Build Your Integrated Social Media Strategy

    Add blog posts and upcoming events on your social media pages to bring more clients to your business.

  • Optimize Your Social Media

    Use the appropriate keywords and hashtags on your social media posts to increase your business’ visibility.


Woman Working.

6. Network like crazy

It’s crucial to create business connections or partner with other copywriters, professionals, and businesses.

Take a look at these tips to broaden your connections:

  • Be Active in Groups

    Join social media groups for copywriters to increase your chances of being referred to companies or bosses looking for additional copywriters.

  • Participate on Forums

    Being active in community forums, such as Reddit and Quora, can help you get noticed by potential employers.

  • Attend webinars & events

    Take advantage of free webinars and online events to increase your popularity online or exposure, as well as your likelihood of getting hired.

    If you have a copywriting agency, you can upskill your remote workforce through webinars.



You’ve now learned the top marketing tips for copywriters. Kickstart your copywriting services by building your niche, creating your website, and strengthening your social media presence.

Market your copywriting services through content marketing and SEO marketing.

It also pays off to create partnerships to broaden your connections or business network, which can boost your online exposure.

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