Mashable Goes Political

If you live in or near Massachusetts, you’ve no doubt been inundated with Senate race campaign ads lately. They’re all over TV and radio. And now, in a new-to-me development, I encountered an anti-Scott Brown ad on The ads are being served by Google, who is definitely using geolocation to find me. They realize that I’m in Massachusetts and serve up a MA-specific ad. The premise makes perfect sense.

The Weird Thing Is

The part that surprises me is that I’ve never seen a political group, in this case the “Citizens for Strength and Security” place local-government political ads on popular, non-political websites. Of course the presidential campaign ads were everywhere. But even those were typically reserved for more general areas. A social media web magazine seems like an unlikely place for a political ad.

Other Examples?

Where else have you seen political ads that you didn’t expect them? Are they all over and Golf Pro Weekly or something? Got any hot leads?


Just found the same ad at I wonder if they might be intentionally targeting web/tech-related websites?

A screenshot of showing 3 political ads.