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Real Estate Marketing Conference: REMM – Park City, Utah

Utah Mastermind: Park City.“No handshakes!”

I must have heard those words a dozen times as the weekend wrapped up. For every person I said goodbye to, a handshake wouldn’t do.

It had to be a hug.

A hug between two professionals is a perfect depiction of REMM as a whole. It captures the connection and positivity exhibited by 20+ would-be strangers. It conveys a sense of success we all felt. The weekend. The atmosphere. The camaraderie. The people.

In every measure I can think of, REMM was a soaring success.

The Real Estate Marketing Mastermind retreat in Park City, UT is a yearly meetup/mini-conference of real estate industry professionals, hosted by the founder of The Snappack, as featured on

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Real Estate Business Plan REMM Shannon Milligan.

Real Estate Business Planning with Shannon Milligan

Shannon Milligan, RVA Home Team.
Shannon Milligan, RVA Home Team — Snappack co-founder.

Ask any realtor—and most people in general—to describe their business plan in a few sentences, and you’re likely to get the same answer:


Real estate is a business. Agents are entrepreneurs. It’s naive—but understandably commonplace—for agents to lack a developed business plan.

Shannon Milligan to the rescue.

For more than an hour on REMM Day 1, Shannon challenged and guided us to identify, quantify, and conquer our goals.

Here’s how.


Google Branding with Dustin Brohm

Google your name. Everyone else will. You need to know what they’ll find. Do it in Incognito Mode (even better: use a Web Proxy).

Then, set up a Google My Business listing. Use YOUR NAME. It’s your personal brand.

Get reviews IN Google. Get Zillow, Facebook, and Yelp too. But get native Google too. Here’s our example on how to get reviews.

Can I show Zillow/Facebook reviews on my GMB listing? Yes, but you can’t directly control it. Google adds those reviews algorithmically. That means there’s no button or input field for you to manually edit.

SEO for Real Estate with TJ

You need a website. Holy crap. You need a $%^&*( website. Wix is fast and easy. WordPress is hard(er) but much more powerful.

At the end of the day, the platform is just a tool. Let’s talk about how to use the tool.

SEO is “free” leads. It’s branding and visibility.


  • 8 algo categories
  • How to check ranks
  • Content marketing vs. SEO
  • Link building with interviews
  • Find an audience first


Video with Jason & Bucky

Start on Snapchat. Every day. Having the phone in your pocket every day is a way to stay consistent.

Snapchat is easy to create, easy to edit, easy to post. Post everything to story. Save story. Upload story to Snapd.

Use Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe After Effects.


  • Shannon/Dustin’s videos
  • YouTube SEO with TJ
  • Should I make more than one YouTube channel?
  • Video Editing Tools with Jason
  • Other tools


Instagram with Chelsea P

Use bitly links in your bio to send users to LPs. Retarget them with Facebook ads. Use emojis in your bio to save space.

Use a theme in your photos: same color family, same pattern, etc.

Use your own photos. No stock. Use Planoly to plan the IG grid, your hashtags, and how/when you schedule to post things out.

Don’t use BIG hashtags (with lots of photos on it). Use auto-suggest to find less-popular tags. Don’t use 30 hashtags. IG is looking at accounts that constantly use 30 tags and thinking they’re bots. Use 29.

Create a pinterest board. Search by Visco filters. Use Wordspy to make quotes.

Cross-posting IG to FB stories Auto-share your IG stories to FB stories.

Instagram Stories with Aidan

Make your Stories awesome. Geo tag your location! This gets you a CHANCE to appear on that area’s story feed.

Follow big accounts in your space (100k+ followers): property brothers, million dollar listing, tony robbins, gary vee, etc.
Comment on their photos—ALL of them—and be genuine in the comments. Rake in the follows. (Some will unfollow.)

Tag every local business you visit. Post and tag. They’ll repost.

Share items from your Story into your Feed. Some followers may not check out Stories.


  • Markers
  • Text
  • BG colors
  • Stickers, etc.
  • Put polls in your stories.


Scenes from Day 1


The Snappack Origin Story

It’s about relationships. This group talks to each other more than our spouses sometimes.

This group has become more than just professional connections and coworkers. We’re beyond that. This is a group of good friends.

Crowd-thinking to help each grow businesses and support each other. Share and share alike.

This group is a re-commitment—a reminder and reinforcement of ideals and accountability. Mutual inspiration.



Facebook Ad Basics with Chelsea

Facebook reps came to Inman conference this summer for the first time ever. To many in the RE industry, this signals a shift in Facebook’s handling of the RE industry.

FB has a Real Estate Board inside their company now. And they created DARE, Dynamic Ads for Real Estate—their first ever industry-specific ad product. More signals that Facebook is become more and more important for real estate agents.


  • DARE
  • Curaytor
  • Getting started in Ads
  • Where will you send clickers?
  • FB Ads Manager: “What is your marketing objective?”
  • Suggest Page
  • Get your page verified.
  • Link your groups to your pages.
  • Make a photo album on your page
  • How to get them to click
  • Live video & notifications


Facebook Pixels with Jason

FB Ads manager > All tools > Assets > Pixels

Facebook Ads Manager: Pixel Setup.

Pixels lets Facebook to identify & record when individual people visit your website. They’ll know when they visit, how many times they visit, how they found/reached the site, etc. With that information, you can build a custom audience. This is called “remarketing.”


  • Setup
  • Examples
  • Landing page tools
  • Mason-Mac example


Scenes from Day 2

Drone shot!

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