Revolution Slider Responsive Font Size

Before we start…

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I heard back from ThemePunch support, but I didn’t like the answer I got, “Custom CSS is really the only option here. Or you could choose to hide the text layers below a certain size.” I guess it’s understandable. The slider uses pixel-perfect offsets and positioning to accomplish its visual effects.

Changing font sizes would change element dimensions which would negate the user’s defined layout and style. It’s a shame there’s no mobile fallback, though. It would mean more work for the authors, but some authors (like me!) would rather do more work up front for a better experience for our users.

At small resolutions, the Revolution Slider Responsive font size is shrunk and resized using javascript down to an illegible size. I want to remove that resizing or customize it so my Revolution slides are usable to my visitors on mobile devices.

1. Modify plugin? No.

This is never a good option, as I’ve said before. I’d run the risk of breaking the plugin, which would put me in a worse situation than I’m already in. Plus, any plugin update will overwrite my changes. Just not a good idea.

Hey Automattic, where the hell are Child Plugins, huh? Make this happen.

2. Overwrite with CSS? I’d rather not.

I could overwrite it with custom CSS, but I’d prefer not to, as this creates unnecessary duplication. I’d prefer to define my preferred size the first time. Plus, for the page-speed-conscious, doing any styling twice is a capital offense. I’d really love to avoid this.

In fact, I’m already doing it for the width of Revslider’s content box. But if I can find a way to define custom styles the first time, I’ll do it for both font sizes and content width.

3. Change a setting or something? Yes, please.

This may mean extending a class in my functions file. I’ve done this before for things like Smart Archives Reloaded and it works fine, as long as the plugin handles it gracefully and the documentation is clear. Personally, I think it’s the responsibility of a plugin author to allow users to change any and all settings, either via the admin interface or via a basic API. But I digress. Needless to say, this is my preferred option.

Slider Revolution is an awesome WordPress plugin (or jQuery plugin if you prefer the standalone version), but it apparently has one fatal flaw. It usually handles responsiveness very well, but the font sizes appear to be adjusted too far and being illegible.

Dear Themepunch and/or Vibethemes, please help me fix this!

I can’t imagine I’m the only person who’s ever had this problem. And I recognize that it could be a problem with my theme, vEstate. Revolution was bundled with the theme, so who knows what modification has happened, but either way, I need some help to fix this.

Anyone got any ideas? Please let me know!