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Next Chapter: Technical Director at Fishnet Media

The Gig

My title is Technical Director. My job is to be a nerd. The company has 5 talented designers and illustrators. What they lack, however, is a propellor-head code geek to look at problems with technical/programming eyes. That’s where I come in.

I’ll be the only developer to start with. The plan is to expand the development/technical department by one or two more nerds within a year. I can’t wait to have nerd help!

The good news

Fishnet Media is a really cool place. The lady and dudes are awesome people. They have fun. They’re all friends with each other. And they’ve been nothing but welcoming to me.

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to working with a team again. I like being the only decision maker on a project, but I miss having other problem solvers around to share ideas and brainstorm. I’m excited to get back into that and the Fishnet team is just the group to do that with.

The bad news

I CAN’T WEAR SWEATPANTS ANYMORE YOU GUYS. Most of the time, anyway. I’ll be in the office 3 days a week and home—IN SWEATPANTS—for two. The independent contractor lifestyle is awesome. I absolutely love it. And I will miss it dearly. But at the end of the day, the flexibility and lifestyle are only one small piece of the puzzle.

That’s the only ‘bad’ news I can think of. Not bad.

Hey! What about your contract clients?

Hey client friends, how’s it going? Guess what! I have another client to add to the list. Cool, huh? This client, well…employer, will take up more of my time than most of my current clients (that’s you!) and projects. But the good news is that I still have time to maintain my existing clients.

I probably won’t take on many new clients, because—it’s true—I’ll have less time than I used to have for contract work. But! Fear not, dear client. You are not forsaken! I’m not going anywhere.

If you want to discuss schedules or availability or any of that stuff, give me a call. I promise I’ll still have time to talk to you all!

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