TJ Kelly

WordPress Comment Notification Emails are Broken

I’m no longer getting notification emails from WordPress when people comment on my posts. My last three posts have all received comments. I should/would have approved and replied to those comments immediately, but I never saw them.

did some googling, but to no avail. Some say it’s an SMTP setting error in PHP Mail. Others say it’s GMail’s problem. I’m stumped and I wish I could figure this out. I use my email inbox like a to-d0 list, so logging into WP-Admin every so often to manually check for new comments would work, but it defeats the purpose.

Any suggestions? Plugins?

Has anyone else had this problem lately? Are there any good plugins out there that could help me out? I’ve been looking for a more full-featured comment/email/reply/notification plugin, so maybe this will put me over the edge.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “WordPress Comment Notification Emails are Broken

  1. Benjamin Stein

    I have the exact same problem. It’s terrible. Did you get any help meanwhile? I could not find a reliable solution so far or a possible source for the problem.

  2. Benjamin Stein

    I have found a solution. Disable all WordPress plugins. Enable the plugins again. No comment notification mails are sent as expected. I seems to be a problem with plugin settings maybe caused by a WordPress update. Check it out.

  3. TJ Kelly

    Thanks for your comment, Benjamin. No, I never did find the source of the problem. I did find a few notification in my spam folder (to my surprise), but that wasn’t a fix-all, unfortunately.


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