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  • Pinterest Cork Board.

    Pinterest User Experience – 28 Blogs Later, Day 2

    A Pinterest user experience review: Pinterest is hard to use. Layout & visual priority are hard to navigate. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

  • Shout User Testing logo.

    Shout User Testing Feedback Bookmark

    Shout User Testing, a feedback bookmark built by The UX testing form probably won't revolutionize UX feedback, but it's a cool idea.

  • Testimonial author: Bob Thomas.

    “Consummate Professional”

    TJ is a consummate professional who has been a pleasure to work with. He is collaborative and adapts to your needs. If you need a consultant who delivers a complete user experience, you can't go wrong with TJ Kelly!

  • Salesforce Knowledge Base design & UX.

    Salesforce Knowledge Base Design & Responsive UX

    Want a custom Salesforce Knowledge Base design & responsive user experience? Here's how I implemented a custom Salesforce Knowledge Base design.

  • Portfolio item: Erin Shea Dressage.

    New Site: Erin Shea Dressage

    My user experience design portfolio has another piece to show off: Erin Shea Dressage website. Erin is a good friend of mine and I helped her design and build a website for her business, pro-bono.

  • Portfolio item: UMass Band Parents.

    New Site: UMass Band – Power & Class

    I added an item to my user experience design portfolio this week: UMass Band Parents Association - Power & Class. The group has had the same website (and interface design) since 2001. I recently took over as their web guy and I redesigned the site to meet 2013+ standards.

  • Apple Website is Responsive.

    Apple Website Responsive, but not Mobile Optimized

    Why is Apple's website responsive but not mobile optimized? The site responds to a user's device. Why would Apple not optimize proportions for better user experience?

  • Testimonial author: Bob Rustici of McDougall Interactive.

    “Responsive and Very Detailed Oriented”

    TJ gets the user experience challenges in web marketing. From PPC landing pages to complete website designs, he is responsive and very detailed oriented.

  • Designing Spring Break

    I've spent the last 6 months working on a major update and redesign of StudentCity's Spring Break Destinations section. It taught me a lot about design, usability, user experience, and corporate culture.

  • Organic Blog Growth.

    SEO in Digital Marketing Strategy:
    How to Execute & Exceed

    The only way you can make it work is to integrate it with “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. SEO is what draws in a large amount of high-quality traffic to your business website. It drives your brand ahead and to the top of the search engine results. That means your brand is on page one, […]

  • 10 Ways to Improve SEO During a Pandemic

    Many industries have been affected by the ongoing pandemic. Social distancing has seen less physical traffic for many stores. Businesses have started paying more attention to their online presence to compensate.

  • Keyword Research.

    Does Keyword Research Really Help SEO?

    Let’s get right to it— Keyword research is an integral practice in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and one of the many things you need to know about SEO. What Is Keyword Research? To simply understand how keyword research helps in SEO, think of keyword research as a treasure hunt. But instead of looking for pots […]

  • Essential SEO Factors.

    Essential Things to Know About SEO

    Search engine optimization is the digital marketing method of directing quality web traffic to your website. It takes advantage of search engines like Google and Bing to increase the visibility of your brand to your target audience. The primary advantage of SEO is that it’s a cost-effective advertising tool. You don’t have to pay thousands […]

  • Marketing Storytelling: Tell Me a Story or Shut Up

    [cover id=”first” img=”” align=”center”]Christmas, 1994: Southern France[/cover] Do you know what they found? You’ve probably seen it. Their discovery is so important, and it’s become so famous, that it’s actually named after one of them: Jean-Marie Chauvet. There’s even a 90-minute documentary released about 10 years ago, by a German filmmaker named Werner Herzog, called […]

  • Beat Zillow: Real Estate SEO - Computer.

    “Beat Zillow” is a thing. Here’s why you should care.

    Full disclaimer: this article is not part of the Stop Zillow movement. We’re not real estate agents. We don’t compete with them. They help agents grow their reach and so do we. But we have no plans to sue them anytime soon. They’re eating your lunch They made $761,600,000 in 2017 from their Premier Agent […]

  • 101 Best Real Estate Websites Mxt Media.

    101 Best Real Estate Websites, Ranked & Reviewed (UPDATED!)

    Most real estate websites are terrible. Like, really bad. So found the 101 best real estate websites. Each site is reviewed and ranked 1 to 101.

  • Curaytor + Snappack.

    Snappack + Curaytor’s Chris Smith: Real Estate business expert interview

    If you’ve ever wondered how sales and marketing overlap, where they differ, and how to improve at both, you need to read this. Snappack co-founders Shannon Milligan and Dustin Brohm interviewed Chris Smith, founder of Curaytor and author of The Conversion Code. Chris is an undisputed monster in the real estate sales and marketing world. He’s a […]

  • Facebook App Login.

    Online Marketing Q&A: Facebook Page vs. Profile—Which is better for audience reach?

    Page. 9 times out of 10. Every single one of Facebook’s tools is set up to favor business via Pages, not profiles.

  • Content Marketing in 2020 & beyond.

    Content Marketing Strategy: I had to tell you this.

    What I'm about to tell you is nothing new. But that's why I had to say it. Content marketing 2017 and beyond has to be useful, and then it has to shut the hell up.

  • Merrimack Valley SEO & Web Marketing.

    Merrimack Valley SEO Company: Digital Marketing Experts

    I admit it: I want our company to be known as the Merrimack Valley SEO experts. I want Mxt Media to be the go-to web marketing specialists for all Merrimack Valley-area local businesses and their SEO needs: both local SEO and national.

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