Update: DiggBar NOT an SEO-killer

Digg’s VP of Engineering, John Quinn, just posted to the company’s official blog, weighing on the DiggBar vs. SEO question. The most important thing he said (from an SEO perspective) is, “Prior to launching the DiggBar, we reached out to Google and SEO experts to ensure we adhered to the leading best practices…

That is outstanding. It tells me that not only did the company recognize its value to the SEO community, it paid the SEO community a compliment by finding a solution that works well for every party.

The Details

Quinn says that Digg “took several steps to ensure that search engines continue to count the original source, versus registering the DiggBar as new content.

Ok, how? The answer is brilliant in its simplicity. In English, “We include only links to the source URLs on Digg pages to allow spiders to see the unmodified links to source sites. These links are overwritten to short URLs in JavaScript for users who have this preference.

Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Spiders don’t use Javascript, they just read source code. So, print a source pointing to the original content, and use front-end Javascript to point to the DiggBar URL. On top of all that, Digg is gracious enough to noindex the DiggBar page.

Brilliant. And great news. It means that all our DiggBar SEO woes are gone. Digg can return to the top (or near the top) of our Champion of SEO website-list. And, perhaps more importantly, it means I can start promoting my clients via the DiggBar like everybody else.