TJ Kelly

Timestamp in Google Results

Update: Apparently I’m late to the game here. I’ve never noticed a timestamp before, but they tell me that it indicates the time of your last visit. Does it sometimes also show date?

When did Google add a timestamp into their results? What does it mean and what does it accomplish?

Can anyone shed some light?

2 thoughts on “Timestamp in Google Results

  1. Ryan


    I’ve seen this for a while. I find it kind of useful when I’m doing a literature search (or scouring the internet for new “content”). If I’ve been searching around, it will bring my mind back to the article I had read previously, and let me relate that to what I read afterwards.

    Also, google wants you to be sure that you know that they know that you know that they know everything about you.

  2. Richard Ball

    Google is getting ever more social, this is just one of many tools that Google have introduced. Goolgle will also allow users to switch away from the site’s top trending topics and instead view the most popular discussions among people who live in their area and can now see search results related to friends and co-workers.


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